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Wil and Pastor Laura McCombie

Wil and Pastor Laura have served as senior leaders for more than ten years, launching and leading CCC into a vibrant community of Kingdom minded people. 

Pastor Laura is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Oral Roberts University with a Bachelor of Science in Church Ministry.  She was ordained through Assembly of God International, but now through Cross Cut Church. 

Pastor Laura is connected with Clear River Network in Harrisburg under the guidance of Pastor Charles and Anne Stock of Life Center Ministry International. The Clear River Networ is a group of Pastors, ministers, Kindgom entrepreneurs, churches,  and businesses seeking refreshment relationship and resources. 

Wil and Pastor Laura reside in Hastings and have three grown children: Aaron(Chandra), Adam (Alyssa), Amy (Jonathan) and two Grandchildren: Dahnay and Landon. 


Here we are in another year. With so many aspirations within our heart and mind, we will venture into this new arena full speed ahead. But as we move into the months ahead, we are hoping to find more strength and purpose with each step. 

We are believing that this year is a year of expansion. Building our leadership team and expanding our vision is one of the fore-running purposes of CCC this year. God has set us in this place to be a lighthouse and a powerhouse to show off his Glory. And that's what we intend to do.  Putting away childish things as we grow in his ways, will allow us to expand beyond hopeful imaginations and catapole us into a place of actual manifestation. 

In order to fullfil the call and mandate on our ministry, we all need to expand our understanding and allow the Holy Spirit to grant us revealtion in the things of the Kingdom. What better place to be, than here and now, with the Spirit of God resting upon us to, we can with His revelation, move into manifestation of great things. So come surrender to Holy Spirit and dig into God's Word and together we will build HIS Kingdom together. 


Pastor Laura 






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