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Wil and Pastor Laura McCombie

Wil and Pastor Laura have served as senior leaders for more than ten years, launching and leading CCC into a vibrant community of Kingdom minded people. 

Pastor Laura is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Oral Roberts University with a Bachelor of Science in Church Ministry.  She was ordained through Assembly of God International, but now through Cross Cut Church. 

Pastor Laura is connected with Clear River Network in Harrisburg under the guidance of Pastor Charles and Anne Stock of Life Center Ministry International. The Clear River Networ is a group of Pastors, ministers, Kindgom entrepreneurs, churches,  and businesses seeking refreshment relationship and resources. 

Wil and Pastor Laura reside in Hastings and have three grown children: Aaron(Chandra), Adam (Alyssa), Amy (Jonathan) and two Grandchildren: Dahnay and Landon. 


As I look over my life and see where I have come from; I am ever so grateful that I serve a God that is Merciful, Forgiving and Challenging. In my life, I have had many times where I have fallen short of what God wanted from me, yet he had picked me up and promised me He still loved me. I had hurt and disappointed Him many times, yet He reached out His nail pierced hand and forgave me. And in amazement, He has filled me with a new and fresh vision for my community. 

Cross Cut Church is this vision, a vision that has been with me for over fifteen years now. A vision yet to be completely fulfilled. This vision is one where the church is an irresistible influence in its community. Where the hurting are healed, the lonely are embraced, the struggling are helped and where people see a relationship with Jesus Christ relevant to their life. 

At time I fell like Moses, called to a ministry that exceeds my ability. Yet, it isn't my ability, but my availability that God is truly interested in. I may not know everything I need to successfully lead this church, but I have whoat counts.... Faith in the one who has called me. One fo hte greatest gifts a person can have is the ability to see their God as all encompassing. I see my God as able to do far more exceedingly, abundantly that what I can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). And I imagine a church with irresistible influence to change lives as they lift up the name of Jesus Christ. 

I am filled with such awe as to the journey God has allowed us to take. I am grateful for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, My Lord and Savior,who has chosen to give his life so that I may receive life. I count it an honor that he has chosen me to do similar. Will and I have given our lives to the ministry so that others may find eternal life. 

I pray that you will come journey with us. 

Pastor Laura 



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